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Dear Our Lady of the Snow parishioners and Faith Formation students, You are invited to expand and deepen your knowledge of the Catholic faith through this site. We are so excited to be able to supplement our on-site program with this online resource. When classes were cancelled due to the pandemic, we developed a way to help families continue faith formation at home. The blog was formed to support parents and catechists in that effort. We are grateful to now have a platform to continue to provide curriculum content to parish families in the  2020-2021 school year. Through this resource, our program is able to shift into a hybrid of onsite and virtual classroom learning. We welcome your comments and feedback! Click  here  to view our parish website. *Please note that the Level Directory is located at the top left of this blog; click on the three horizontal lines.  Sincerely,  Loren Christie, Director of Faith Formation Above Picture Credit: Drawing of "Where I See God" by E

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